Our know-how
is constantly evolving,
with a strong focus on innovation

we offer our thirty-year
cross-industry experience to various industrial sectors

We encourage continuous cooperation
with the customer from as early as the design phase

we examine the most effective integration
between available technologies, constantly focused on offering the best solution

we particularly focus on efficiency and sustainability

Technologies supplies

Sale of high quality pneumatic components. Design and manufacturing of pneumatic and electropneumatic control panels.

Process Industry

Sale of components for water, steam and gas.


Design and construction of hydraulic power and lubrication units and plants. Sale of components.


Design, manufacture and installation of "turnkey" robotic systems, mainly in the field of industrial manipulation.


Compact 2D portal ready for the future

An advanced solution for direct installation on electronics and machinery, small parts assembly and laboratory automation.The EXCM portal is a compact, two-dimensional H portal tha

Intelligent hydraulic power unit. Integration and energy efficiency

The new ABPAC Rexroth hydraulic power unit series satisfies the new electrification and Industry 4.0 requirements. Thanks to decentralised intelligence and optional sensor packages

Electric motors for the industry. We know How!

Fluidodinamica can provide a complete range of motors from leading manufacturers, ensuring optimum service even in the selection and analysis and comparison of consumption.


Festo motion festival. Pneumatics and Industry 4.0? The future lies with FESTO Motion Terminal.

With Festo Motion Terminal, for the first time around the world, Festo launches a standardised platform onto the market that, thanks to the clever merging of mechanics, electronics

Industry 4.0: Italy is the best market

Industry 4.0 represents the future of international production and is increasingly gaining significant market shares: Italy is proud and optimistic about being one of the most well

About us

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 includes all the technologies that, using data and information and interconnecting devices, make it possible to transform the production process by allowing greater integration between the factory and its suppliers and customers.


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